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  1. Costume in the Comedies of Aristophanes

    This book offers an interpretation of the handling of costume in the plays of the fifth-century comic poet Aristophanes. Drawing on both textual and material evidence from the fourth- and fifth-century Greek world, it examines three layers of costume: the bodysuit worn by the actors, the characters' clothes, and the additional layering of disguise. A chapter is also devoted to the inventive costumes of the comic chorus. Going beyond describing what costumes looked like, the book focuses instead on the dynamics of costume as it is manipulated by characters in the performance of plays. The book argues that costume is used competitively, as characters handle each other's costumes and poets vie ...

    • ASIN: 1107083796
  2. Costume in Greek Tragedy

    The core of the book focuses on tragic costume in its original performance context of fifth-century Athens, but the implications of subsequent uses in Roman and more recent performances are also taken into consideration.Most importantly, the reader is invited to think about how tragic costume worked as a language in ancient performance and was manipulated physically and verbally in order to create meaning. Elements of this language are shown through a series of test cases from a range of ancient tragedies. All ancient passages are given in translation and the book includes a glossary of terms.

    • ASIN: 0715639455
  3. Ancient Greek Costumer: An Annotated Bibliography,1784-2005

    Costume production distinguishes early civilization from the Paleolithic era as much as architectural production. Costume transcends boundaries, as it first unites and then divides mankind. The mode of dress differentiates friend from foe and peasant from prince. Changes in the appearance and types of garments through the ages are a significant indicator of social, economic and chronological changes. This annotated bibliography of 603 references, taken from monographs, dissertations, festschrifts, periodicals, encyclopedias and handbooks, is the most comprehensive research tool for the subject of ancient Greek costume. This subject is of increasing interest to scholars in many fields, inclu...

    • ASIN: 0786427744
  4. 1886 Wood Engraving Comedy Theatre Theater Mask Costume Ancient Greece Greek Art - Original In-Text Wood Engraving

    This is an original 1886 black and white in-text wood engraving of a scene from an ancient Greek comedy where all the actors are wearing masks. Please note that there is printing on the reverse.

    • Brand: PeriodPaper LLC-Collectible Original Print Archive
    • ASIN: B014K2V840
  5. Kabuki Costume

    The attire of the feudal lords and ladies of old Japan, warriors, priest, courtesans, Edo-period dandies geisha, footmen, farmers— in fact, the whole array of Kabuki's colorful characters-is discussed in fascinating detail in this Japanese Kabuki book.From kimono and armor to undergarments, from wigs to foot gear, from swords to hair garments—no aspect of costume accessories is overlooked. Textiles and textile designs, in all their profusion of weaves, colors, and patterns, are carefully taken note of, and a number of important traditional designs are illustrate. Make-up and headdress varying formats of costume for specific roles, styles of tying the obi—all are expertly described.Of the...

    • ASIN: B00BOE15RS
  6. Antike Theater: Architektur, Kunst und Dichtung der Griechen und Römer

    Erstmals behandelt ein schön gestalteter Text-Bild-Band das antike griechische und römische Theater - Ausdruck und Spiegel sowohl großer Architektur als auch literarischer und humanistischer Kultur. Wie das Buch zeigt, waren Theater gesellschaftliche Treffpunkte und Plätze zur Verbreitung politischer Ideologien. Es ist kein Zufall, dass das Theater einer Gottheit - Dionysus - gewidmet wurde und dass Theatervorstellungen während religiöser Feierlichkeiten stattfanden. Moderne Dramaturgen sprechen davon, dass es kein menschliches Gefühl gäbe, das nicht bereits in griechischen Komödien oder Tragödien verarbeitet worden wäre. Das eindrucksvoll bebilderte Buch behandelt zudem die archi...

    • ASIN: 3865682243
  7. Kabuki a Pocket Guide

    Kabuki A Pocket Guide introduces readers to the foundations of Kabuki—its history and its actors, its acting styles and its performance, its color and music—to the sheer beauty and joy of Kabuki.Kabuki, the popular theatre of Japan, began in about 1603 and is still flourishing today. It was the entertainment of the common people as opposed to Noh, the refined theatre of the aristocracy, and is a close relative of the Bunraku puppet theater. All the actors in Kabuki, even those who play female roles, are men and plays and dances deal with the love of the heroes and villains form Japans real or legendary past.Concise enough to take to performance, this pocket guide to Kabuki provides a wea...

    • ASIN: B008EM8ABC
  8. Costume in Greek Classic Drama.

    At the peak of its perfection in the fifth century B.C., the glory of classical Greek drama was matched by the magnificence of its costumes. This work describes how performers were dressed in plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, and explains how the actors' performances influenced the cut of their costumes. 53 black-and-white illustrations.

    • ASIN: 0837168287

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